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Training Pack Deals - Save Up to 15%

Dog Silencer Pre-Owned

Dog Silencer Training Pack™

Normally: $129.90

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Bark control and training at home or on the go. Great for your dog or neighborhood dogs. Now Save 20% when you combine the Dog Silencer™ and OnGuard™.

Dog Silencer Pro Pre-Owned

BarkWise Bark Training Pack

Normally: $129.90

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Keep your dog's bad habits under control. The training doesn't stop until your dog does. Save $15 when you combine BarkWise™ and OnGuard™.

Dog Off Pro Refurbished

BarkWise Bundle

Normally: $179.90

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Have two barkers that constantly get each other going? You need the new BarkWise Bundle! Includes 2 BarkWise collars, ideal for multi-dog households. Save $20!

Dog Anxiety Pack Sale

Keep your dog calm during holiday parties, thunderstorms & more. Includes a Thundershirt™, pheromone Calming Collar and a rubber Kong® Toy.


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Pre-Owned Savings

Dog Silencer Pre-Owned

Dog Silencer™ Pre-Owned

Normally: $89.95

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Each pre-owned Dog Silencer™ has been tested and verified to operate like new units. The only difference is the price. Now you can stop yours or the neighbor's dog barking and save!

Dog Silencer Pro Pre-Owned

Dog Silencer Pro™ Pre-Owned

Normally: $89.95

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Although these units may have a few light scratches or dings, they operate like new. Plus, get a FREE upgrade to Pre-Owned Complete Pack & 2 Year Extended Warranty.

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