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Dog Silencer

Ultrasonic Bark Control

Safely stop dog barking with our most powerful ultrasonic bark control device to date


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No-Shock Training Collar

Humane, no-shock training collar featuring ultrasonic sound, vibration & remote control


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Handheld Dog Trainer

Behavior correction and training on demand, combined with a powerful safety alarm & strobe


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 Our Most Popular Videos

See BarkWise in Action

Meet Sadie - before and after using the BarkWise No-Shock Training Collar.

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Dog Silencer Features

See why the Dog Silencer is one the most popular anti-barking systems on the market!

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A Closer Look at the OnGuard

OnGuard is a handheld solution that allows you to do 1-on-1 behavior training with your dog. 

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Get Your Peace & Quiet Back

Humanely stop your dog or the neighbor's dog from barking with the Dog Silencer.

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45 Day Money Back Guarantee

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Live Chat with the Bark Experts

Live Chat with the Bark Experts

In the press

In the press

Trusted by the Military. Our original Dog Silencer Pro is trusted by troops in Iraq! “Three days after we caught the guys with the camcorder, we moved undetected [thanks to the Dog Silencer Pro] through the night."
Mitch - ( U.S. Soldier in Iraq )

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