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Stop dog barking with the Dog Silencer Pro bark control training product
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Frequently Asked Questions

Train dogs to stop barking Bark Free
Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

This unit has been discontinued. Please check out the Dog Silencer.

What is the range of this basic unit?
This unit covers a distance of approximately 25 ft. to 35 feet when activated by a barking dog. It also comes with a 50 ft AC Adaptor cord.

Will this unit travel through solid barriers?
You will want to place this unit in the same area as the barking dog without any barriers such as walls, fences, windows, trees or bushes between the device and the dog. This device is not designed to travel through solid objects.

What type of sound does this unit make?
All units emit sonic (audible) and ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) high-pitched sound frequencies.

Will I be able to hear the sounds?
You will be able to hear the sound in the Audible mode only.

Why would I use the sonic (audible) mode?
Through testing, we have found larger dogs tend to react to lower (audible) tones while smaller dogs tend to react to higher (ultrasonic) frequencies.

Will this unit hurt the dogs?
Unlike shock collars that are extremely painful and confusing to dogs, the high pitched sounds emitted by these bark control units are completely humane and will not hurt dogs. The sounds are simply annoying, and train the dog to associate its barking with the irritating frequencies.

Will this unit eliminate all barking?
These devices are specifically designed to stop dogs from nuisance barking – constant barking due to boredom. They are not designed to affect instinctual or protective barking so you will still have an effective guard dog. In the case of hearing impairment or old age, some dogs may not be affected by the sounds simply because they cannot hear them.

How long does it take this unit to have an effect on the barking?
These units are training devices, and as with any training method, results may take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

Is this unit waterproof?
While these units are designed to be water resistant, you of course do not want to submerse any of the devices in water.

Does this unit come with a warranty or guarantee?
Our products come with both! We include a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee that starts the day you receive the device and ends the day you decide to return it, so you truly have a full 45 days. We are so confident our products will end your barking problems, that we also include a one year comprehensive warranty that covers any sort of manufacturer defects.