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Dog Silencer Pro™ Combo Sale

Purchase the Dog-Off Pro with your Dog Silencer Pro™ and save $15!

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The Dog Silencer Pro™ Combo Sale –
A Customer Favorite!

You’re already picturing the Dog Silencer Pro™ working its ultrasonic magic in your back yard, but what about inside the house?

Or having to walk past the neighbor's yapper...

Or those noisy bark-filled car trips that feel much, MUCH longer than they really are...

The handheld Dog-Off Pro is a safe and effective way to stop nuisance barking. Simply push the button on this portable ultrasonic unit to catch a dog's attention and distract him from whatever he's doing.

Purchase the Dog-Off Pro with your Dog Silencer Pro™ and you’ll save $15!

Here's Why You'll Love This Combo:

  • Use the DSP outdoors, use the Dog-Off Pro indoors
  • Leave your DSP at home and take the Dog-Off Pro with you on walks or in the car
  • Use the Dog-Off Pro as “back up” in case the dog is out of the DSP’s range
  • Use the Dog-Off Pro for instant, customized training (other behaviors)
  • For those stubborn doggy moments, Use the Dog-Off in tandem with your DSP for an added boost!

Live a bark free life... and stop those other annoying behaviors too!

This handheld trainer also works great when you catch other unwanted behaviors "in the act" such as chewing, getting on furniture or mischievously eyeing your trash can.

Dog Silencer Pro™ Features

  • Detects Barking up to 75ft
  • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Exclusive Remote Control Option

Dog Off Pro Features

  • Dog Off button for Ultrasonic Corrective Training inaudible to humans
  • Alarm Button Emits a 120db audible siren
  • Handy built-in Flashlight for evening use
  • Safe and Humane
  • Ergonomic, attractive and sporty design clips on belt or fits hand comfortably
  • Runs on one 9 volt battery
    (not included)
  • Product dimensions are:
    3.75" tall, 2.5" wide, 1.25" thick (not including the belt clip)