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GoodLife - Stop dog barking
Stop Dog Barking with the Dog Silencer - Safe, Humane Anti Bark Control Products
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Neighbor’s Dog Driving You Crazy?!

Who are you more frustrated with: Your neighbor or their dog?

Probably Both!

Maybe he’s left alone all day and bored, or maybe he never had any training. Are you surprised?

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious the dog loves to bark – at everything… at nothing…

It’s even more obvious the neighbor doesn’t care. And you’re sick of it!

Stop neighbor dog barking

stopping neighbor dogs from barking
Reclaim your peace and quiet
45 day money back guarantee on bark control

Enter the Dog Silencer Pro™.

Confrontations. They’re awkward!
It’s uncomfortable to be vocal and complain… to be “that person,” especially to someone you barely know and who you live next door to. There’s no easy way to talk to your neighbors about their dog’s barking, especially when you are on the brink of absolutely losing it.

Or worse yet - you have mentioned it, but it’s fallen on deaf ears. But let’s be honest. What would make you think they’d hear your complaints, if they don’t seem to hear the barking?

In any case, if they’re unwilling to control their dog’s barking or they just don’t care. And that probably won’t ever change. Local laws may or may not help you. In most cases they have ‘better things to do’ and you’re on your own.

You can yell, scream, complain, write a nasty two page letter… or you can stop it yourself.

Don’t Pack Up & Move.
Use The Dog Silencer Pro™.

The Dog Silencer Pro is discreet and it does the work for you.

The Dog Silencer Pro trains dogs using ultrasonic sound. Every bark is met with a wave of annoying high pitched sound frequencies. Although you are unable to hear this noise, dogs hear it loud and clear. Dogs learn that if they keep barking, they’ll keep hearing this annoying sound fired back at them.

This unique combination of different sound frequencies targets barking of all shapes and sizes. When you can’t deal with your stubborn neighbor, you can still silence their stubborn barker.

stop neighbors barking dogs

Big Coverage for Big Problems

Dogs are mobile creatures. Chances are they bark all over their yard, not just in one easy-to-reach spot. The Dog Silencer Pro™ can be placed up to 75 feet away from the dog and still activate automatically.

Is Mr. Barky farther away? Not a problem for the Dog Silencer Pro™. Simply press the handheld remote control and the unit will be activated right then and there. The remote control can be used from inside your home, car, or even in your pocket! The Dog Silencer Pro™ is the only unit on the market to include this handy extra feature.

Whether the dog barks or you activate it yourself, the Dog Silencer Pro™ will shoot each blast of sound up to 300 feet!
neighbor dog barking

Stop dog barking with ultrasonic bark control

Dog Silencer Pro™

Stop your neighbor’s dog from barking now!

stop dog barking
45 day money back guarantee

Reclaim Your Peace and Quiet
bark control
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