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Dog Silencer

Ultrasonic Bark Control

Safely stop dog barking with our most powerful ultrasonic bark control device to date


No-Shock Training Collars

Humane training collars featuring ultrasonic sound, vibration and a remote control option


Handheld Dog Trainer

Behavior correction and training on demand, combined with a powerful safety alarm & strobe

New Featured Products

Fetch™ GPS Pet Tracking Collar

The Fastest & Most Reliable GPS Collar
On The Market

Citronella Spray Bark Collar

A Humane, Fast-Working Alternative
to traditional shock collars

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Bark Control Products

Solutions to Stop Your Dog
or The Neighbor's Dog Barking

Training Collars

No-Shock, Humane Training
for your Furry Friend

Handheld Trainers

One on One Interactive
Dog Training

Pet Doors

Gives Your Dog Freedom
and Independence

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